European Family Center - a new hospital in Sopot already under construction

The construction of the European Family Center complex has begun in Sopot. This modern hospital complex is another facility of the Invicta clinic. The architectural studio FAAB Architektura Białobrzeski Figurski entrusted our team with the development of a comprehensive design for the HVAC and sanitary installation, as well as electrical and low current systems. In the first stage, building B1 will be built, into which the investor will move at the turn of 2019/2020. In 2022, the last of the five buildings in the complex - the gynecology and obstetrics hospital - is due to be put into service. The complex will also include clinics and medical laboratories, a one-day diagnostic center with an outpatient clinic and pharmacy, as well as a rehabilitation center for people with movement difficulties. There will also be a birthing school and a hospital kindergarten.

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